Sunday, July 3, 2011

Lazy Sunday

Ok, so apparently I must look like an old hag most of the time.  We got up early enough this morning to allow us to make it to most of church.   We were slightly late for Sacrament meeting but the fact that we made it at all is impressive.  But I digress.  We were very happy.   We just got moved to a new ward so we know no one.  Absolutely no one.   Well, except the missionaries and the Relief Society president who happened to drop by the other day. 

On our way to class, the Relief Society president took me aside to ask me how she knew me.  Ummm, sweetie, you were at my house 2 days ago.  I politely told her my name and she apologized.  She said I looked much different with my hair down.  Apparently, the mommy ponytail threw her off the other day so the "made-up/hair done Leslie" was just a surprise. 

It was a good day except for the fact that I wore totally awesome shoes that I wasn't used to.  I rolled my ankle getting out of the car.  Dave, of course, jumped all over that to tell me that he told me so and that I should stick to wearing flat shoes.  I think that's only because we're the same height so anything that adds height to me makes him feel short.  Whatever.  I'll still be wearing my wedges when I get the chance again.

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