Sunday, July 24, 2011

For the Ke$ha haters

All right, here's a ramble I'm not proud of. I think I even briefly mentioned this shame in my first ever blog. It involved sleeping pills, iTunes, and bad musical selections.  I thought it could be worse, that I actually got off lucky, right? Well, apparently, I was wrong.

Yesterday morning as I was driving myself to the doctor's office, I hear MORE pop vomit.   As I listen in shock, I numbly reach for the little pink device and it's worse than I imagined.  Justin Beiber? Miranda Cosgrove?  Selena Gomez?  Yes, yes it's bad.  When did High School Musical appear?  Am I being punked?

Well today, while the kids, Dave, and I were cleaning the house, we let our poor sweet Ammon fall asleep in his bouncer.  After we finished cleaning and finally took the time to put our feet up for a rest, I noticed something freaking adorable.  In my random purchasing days, I also managed to download some Ke$ha and apparently my little man is already a fan.  As his head laid sweetly against the toys in front of him, he began to dance to the chorus, all while maintaining a peaceful slumber.  For my own amusement, I played the song over a few times.  It's no surprise the little guy is now on his third nap for the day, probably dreaming of Ke$ha and one day becoming a backup dancer.

Interestingly enough, I found that I was actually singing along with "Friday" before I realized what I was doing.  I am truly crazy.

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