Thursday, July 11, 2013

I hate technology.  I just wrote an entire blog and my computer ate it.  And I'm typing without an a key because the bugger just doesn't want to stay on.  I'm not an advocate of Asus computers.  But on the with the show.

So on June 24th, I played the idiot. Again.  Driving home from an appointment that had been cancelled without my knowledge, I see someone driving ahead of me STOP, even though there was no on coming traffic, to make a right turn on a busy intersection.  The car behind him was able to stop just barely in time but unfortunately, as hard as I braked, I rammed into them with the death wagon.  Luckily, my car sustained most of the damage, and even better, I was the only one hurt. 

The police were called and I asked for medical help because unfortunately for me, my seat belt never locked and my air bag sensors were too low to go off.  At the collision, my head sprung forward and I hit it on the steering wheel and then it bounced back and hit the headrest.  I was in major pain.  Thankfully, it was determined that I didn't have a brain bleed but unfortunately, I do have a concussion.

If you have never had your head hit a steering wheel before, let me tell you what it feels like...well, actually, I don't remember.  I may not have a brain bleed but I do have short term memory loss and as I like to say on here, it sucks donkey balls.  I have to carry around notebooks, a daily diary, and a phone constantly so I can remember what I'm supposed to be doing.  Dave will tell me something and it's instantly forgotten. He thinks it's because I'm not listening, but it's a stupid head injury.  And it hurts.  Goodness does it hurt, even days later.  I have excruciating headaches that just don't go away.

If that isn't bad enough, I've discovered new places that are hurting.  My neck, from being thrown forward.  My back from tensing up  to try and avoid impact.  And the worst of it RIGHT NOW, my knees which are all bruised.   Living in a multi-level home where I have to climb stairs is pretty rough. I'm assuming that they too must have hit the dash board because they're purple.  Driving for long periods is probably the punishment I deserve for every wrong thing I've done since it hurts that bad. 

So that's it.  We got our van back yesterday.  Almost $6000 worth of damage.  I'm so talented.  I, of course, got a traffic citation and have to take care of that.  I haven't called on that yet.  The citation said the police officer gave me a card with details on what to do.  Well, if he did, he did it while I was lying on a gurney in a trauma room with a neck collar on so I'm pretty sure that disappeared.  It's all right though.  I can take the on-line class and get an Arizona driving license.  Those suckers don't expire until you're like 60. 

I think sometimes I shouldn't be allowed to be out of the house.  I've been pretty content with my kiddos here the past few days and truthfully, I'm scared to drive anymore.  I've learned to really keep my distance, but I have yet to get back in the van.  I'm scared I'm going to have a panic attack the first time I drive the thing, but I'll be ok.  Like I told my mom, I always am. 

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