Thursday, August 11, 2011

Home...Again...or should I stick with migraines suck Donkey-balls?

So I realized after I started the first time that I can't use the title "Being Home" twice in a row since that's redundant and all so now I'm just home again. 

Migraines suck donkey-balls.  They render me pretty much useless, which is not the greatest of qualities when your only job is keep the house in order and the kids alive.  After maxing out on the dosage of medicines that I can take in a single week for debilitating headaches, and still having double vision and the inability to focus on any object, I ended up in the ER for some iv fluids and their little drug cocktail mix of benadryl/reglan/and tordal.  It took two blown veins to get that in but eventually they were successful.  It made me drowsy and slurry but didn't touch the pain.  So, they gave me a shot of morphine and sent me home.  Day 2 was worse.  They tried the same type of drugs but sent me home with something like morphine and told me to sleep.  After two hours, I was awake and knew that sleep was not happening. I had absolutely no vision control and my vertigo was awesome in the "I feel like I'm walking sideways" kind of way. 

Thus, day 3.  Not realizing that David had called a babysitter and had actually left, I freaked out about the kids and went running out of my room without underwear to check on them.  Yeah, that's only slightly awkward.  Nudity for a stranger is generally not my cup of tea.

My doctor decided that it was time for a new plan of attack.  He decided we would try new iv medicines while I was hospitalized so they could see how I did with them.   It was about 30 hours of lying in the hospital, trying to avoid all visual and audio stimuli while being interrupted from sleep every 2 minutes.  Gotta love the hospital. And since Wright-Patt's a training hospital, my day was also filled with groups of classes who asked if they could "ask questions about my condition and learn from why I was there?"  Why not, I love being a guinea pig.  So I laid there and counted my bruises (7) from the missed and blown veins and waited for the dreaded self-stick shots.  They, of course, came while I had a full class in my room for full-view.  Not planned but interesting timing all the same.  I managed to stick myself without too much embarrassment.  And so finally I got to go home.

WITHOUT MEDICATION!!  Everyone is out of it and it's on order.  It's meant to be in in the next few days but I'm seriously wishing my kiddos came with a mute button this morning. 

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