Thursday, August 4, 2011

Completely for Terrence

....because for some reason my computer won't let me actually comment on my posts and while I'd like to continue to play around and fix the cookie problem (which is probably a simple enough fix), Hurricane Ava and Noah are currently wrecking my house and I have things that actually need to get done, like get to the library before the softball this "POST" is actually YOUR comment.  Feel loved. 

Awesome-sauce is yours as long as you remember the awesome-sauce source from whence it came ;)

I totally remembered "The Poo" as I was making the kids' lunch but hadn't had the time to go back and edit. Remember the zoo where you need binoculars to see the ONE lion ten miles away and the gorilla splays his junk up on the glass window for everyone to see...good times, good times. Montgomery was so much better, even being hugely 38 weeks pregnant with a nine-and-a-half pound kid and hot.  Montgomery was good times.  My struggles for chocolate milk. Why was it so difficult to get chocolate milk?  Aww, all of this talk is making me friend sick.  I don't miss Delaware as much as I miss you guys.  I hope our kids get to get together and do something soon.  You guys will like THIS Leslie so much better ;) And it's hard to see but did you notice Ammon has a matching onesie to match one that we sent Miles?  It's the blue star one, I think.  It's probably ruined after the cookie mess but I hope not.  I actually liked that one.

I really hope we can see you soon.  We miss you.

It's an old picture but the Weston's are AWESOME-SAUCE :)

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